Tuesday, February 23, 2010

snow dance,

today the snow danced
and I could feel it singing and
it was falling and moving and
they seem to have a rhythm, a beat; left right turn
rise up slowly
and now fall down, rapidly

and there were individual snowflakes
tiptoeing on my windowpane

the wind was happy to help their form, I bet

and there were those two huskies, their coats gleaming in the snow
wagging their tails and shagging their fur
how I would have loved to have danced with them

if it weren't so cold


We're doing William Carlos Williams for English next week. It'd be interesting to see how Dr. Z's explanation of him stands against that hipster McGill lecturer (who I thought was great). I don't see any organization in my English class whatsoever, she's doing post-modernist, then traditional, then modernist, then post WWI... Whaaaa...?

I was listening to Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles earlier, it's amusing how I find the song more beautiful and emotionally fulfilling after going through winter. It made me smile superwide!

Oh sun, how I want you so bad!

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everjihad said...

love that phrase!

Oh sun, how I want you so bad!

me too..^___^