Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Once you realize,

Once you realize that the world is yours for the taking, that you need to grow some balls and make something of yourself, create opportunities, grab life by the collar, give it a big fuck you I will own you, I will own me, that fear never goes away, it's always there and it's the only thing stopping you. you are stopping you.

fearlessness comes from taking chances. i am learning now, that life doesn't hand shit to you on a silver platter with a wide grin (and prodding you on, saying 'take it, take all of me'). it is living outside what you're comfortable with, it is having choices and making the right, but difficult one. the one that makes your heart stop and your brain, your rational side goes "this is it, this is not it, give up now, it is not worth it" it is grasping things fully, wholly, dramatically and drastically reveling in emotions.

You begin to live. grab it. in me i have insatiable lust for everything life has to offer. Its experiences, art, knowledge, food, people (everyone has ten thousand dimensions to their self, their soul, it is easy to forget that connections need to be maintained and nurtured through...) love. above all, love. unconditional, natural and real.

and I am writing, a life for myself.

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